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My Approach

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My approach involves collaborating with clients, use of  Cognitive Behavioral skills, Evidence-based techniques, Compassionate Accountability strategies that are tailored to meet the needs of each client.

"I believe that we all have the capacity to choose and create.  That change occurs through reeducation and encouragement.  It's my belief that my main role as coach is to encourage clients to make the step from insight to action."


About Brooke Galster-Boston, MA
Personal Development Coach

Brooke graduated from George Fox University with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. Her major course work and training include Human Growth and Development, Personality and Counseling Theories, Marriage and Family Therapy, Human Sexuality, Social and Cultural Foundations, as well as Spirituality.

Ongoing educational pursuits including 

Gottman Level 1 & 2 trained in Gottman method couples therapy.

FOCCUS  Pre-marriage Facilitator 


Brooke provides individual and couple coaching, working with clients on issues such as life transitions, Break ups, Relationship health, Premarital preparation, as well as grief and loss.  Her coaching style is based on partnering with clients, powerfully engaging clients in the process of exploration leading to understanding of concerns, gaining clarity related to authentic goals, assessing potential solutions and then creating a plan that will guide action steps on the road to transformation. 

Clients report feeling well supported as they make progress in improving their relationships, careers, and in their daily lives. 


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