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Three Tips for Transitioning from Summer to Fall

As the sun starts to set earlier and the temperature drops to sweater weather, you know a season change is on its way. For many people, this shift isn’t easy, and doubling down to meet those end of year goals—at work, in fitness, and otherwise—may feel like a hurdle. But some of the most effective ways to transition from Summer to Fall are easier than you think.

1. Commit to a new Habit

A habit is a behavioral routine that has become automatic. Current research indicates creating new positive habits will result in greater structure allowing you to be more efficient with your time.

Some examples of new habits include simple activities such as making your bed every morning, journaling daily or including a fruit or vegetable with every meal.

2. Refresh your Environment

The areas we spend time in impact on our mood.

A clean home, garage or bedroom has the ability to reduce stress, allowing one to feel more comfort or peace in an environment. Along with the mental health benefits, a clean home can strengthen your immune system and aids in experiencing better quality sleep.

High impact areas are those places that you spend extended periods of time. Many people report having an organized garage, home or work space immediately improves mood.

3. Create Bucket List for Fall

It’s important to take time for the actives you enjoy —doing things you enjoy can make you feel energized and more relaxed at the same time, and help to keep burnout at bay. Whatever your goals or dreams are, there are benefits to turning them into a bucket list, so visualize what you want. Your bucket list creates a fun way for you to get your dreams accomplished. This is for you, but it can be done with your family, spouse, and friends.

For some bucket list inspiration:

  • Take part in an end of Summer Bonfire

  • Plan an Autumn picnic

  • Run through a pile of leaves

  • Go on a hay ride

  • Go on a hike in a State or National Park

  • Visit a Haunted House

  • Create an ideal fall playlist

  • Attend a sporting event you've never been to before (squash, roller derby, local run or walk)

  • Give back to your community (contact your local charities for inspiration.)


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