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Our focus is on relational work.


Support is crucial to your healing and clear assessment of the relationship for gaining powerful insights that will facilitate self - growth.

Life skills to reduce the feelings and experiences of disconnection from others.

Develop the necessary skills and tools to build and maintain rewarding relationships.

Couples work to understand how each partner is contributing to the challenges experienced in their relationship.

A normal although intense emotional experience resulting from an anticipated or unexpected loss.

Research has shown that couples who engage in pre-marital coaching have a higher rate of long term marital success.  Premarital coaching is done in advance of a wedding or marriage to help couples prepare for their marital relationship.  3-5 sessions

Brooke Galster-Boston, MA Personal Development Coach

I am passionate about assisting people in reaching their goals in order to live a more fulfilling life.  I believe healthy and happy relationships with family, friends, spouse, and ourselves are foundational.  The majority of my work is focused on partnering with individuals who are committed to optimizing their relationship with self as well as with another (others). 

My former career in Psychotherapy/counseling is an asset to the work I currently do as a coach. I am a member of International Coaching Federation (ICF) and am committed to continuing professional development.  My clients can be assured that I have extensive education and experience having worked in group as well as private practice with clients from various cultures.  I use an integration of modalities including cognitive behavioral skills, evidenced based strategies coupled with compassionate accountability.   

Outside of work you can find me exploring new hiking trails, hosting gatherings for family and friends, and checking out local restaurants with my husband /sweetheart. I have an avid interest in travel. 


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